Digital Transformation Playbook

In the past year or so, I have read many definitions about digital transformation, each with its own flavor based on vendors’ value propositions. Although this seems appropriate, the focus remains on the suppliers and not on the customers’ needs. This can taint the approach or outcome of a digital transformation – no matter the scope.

As a (I prefer to say neutral than independent) Digital Transformation Expert I have worked on creating my Digital Transformation Playbook encompassing a broader methodology when dealing with any type of digital transformation. No transformation is siloed. As I like to say: digital transformation is like a diamond with 57 shining facets. My Digital Transformation Playbook reads as this:

An organization is always in the need of CREATING VALUE for its clients, partners, employees, and shareholders.

Value Creation is powered by one of the four TOP DRIVERS:

  • Business Model: getting the right product / service sustaining the value proposition being the promise to deliver what is expected and the belief from the customer getting that value;
  • Customer Experience: setting the stage for the five expected behaviors – access, engage, customize, connect, and collaborate;
  • Operational Processes: being more efficient, transparent, knowledgeable, and agile;
  • Big Data: collecting and crossing various types of data to facilitate decision-making and new product creation, and observing customer behaviors to foster new experiences.

Value Creation is fruitful if the four TOP ENABLERS are well aligned:

  • Leadership: having the ability to reinvent the business with openness, agility, and budget;
  • Strategy: enabling new digital capabilities in order to maximize the business benefits;
  • Talent: forming and hiring acute resources in this new digital era;
  • Culture: fostering digital culture by empowering employees to constantly innovate.

Value Creation is successful if the four TOP STRENGHTENERS are scrutinized:

  • Innovation: improving and kicking in new products / services faster and at low costs before known and unknown competition do;
  • Disruption: becoming your own disruptor before you get disrupted can be a winning strategy;
  • Environment: analyzing direct and indirect competition, economics, social trends, new technologies, regulations, and global climate change are paramount to digital transformation;
  • Brand: increasing the brand value, which is the ultimate

Digital transformation is not a game, nor is it ephemeral. It is not a source of inconvenience. A well-orchestrated digital transformation is a promise of longevity and value creation for any organization.

TO SUCCEED, it is essential to be well supported professionally when undertaking any kind or size of digital transformation project. This will maximize the chances of success and gradually establish a culture of digital transformation within the organization.

Let me help you using the BeDigital Digital Transformation Playbook.